Steve Cook

Speaker, Father, Man of God

Steve Cook is an author, coach, real estate investor, speaker, father, and husband. Steve began investing in real estate in 1998 in Maryland.
After much success he wrote two Real Estate courses: Rehabbing for Big Cash and Wholesaling for Quick Cash, and he started a real estate investor’s website with an active forum.
As his success in real estate grew, so did the demand for coaching and speaking.
It was in the early years of coaching that Steve realized that in order for his students to be successful in business, they must also be successful in life.
Struggling with the pressures of his own business debt, Steve began seeking financial wisdom from the Bible. In the process, God gave him the word “Lifeonaire”.
For the past 12 years, Steve has applied the financial principles he has found in Scripture to his own life and has been sharing them with others.
In 2009 he became debt free (including business debt) and encourages others to find that same freedom through the application of biblical principles to their businesses and personal lives.
His latest book, Lifeonaire, brings to life the journey of applying God’s word and discovering what it means to personally live an abundant life.
Currently, Steve resides in Wisconsin with his wife Micheleen and their children.
He is the proud father of Heather, Maislee, Christopher, Kyler, and Ben, and proud grandfather of Kylen.
Steve is a man after God’s own heart. At the end of the day, what matters most to him is his relationship with the Lord and his family.