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Steve Cook is a successful real estate investor whose deep faith and love of mentoring has called him to a life of teaching others how to improve their lives and secure financial freedom through real estate wholesaling and rehabbing.

A leader and participant in the Baltimore real estate investment field for over a decade, Steve is the author of several books and instruction courses that have enriched the lives of thousands as well as his own. He has been blessed with an extraordinary wife, three wonderful children, and a faith that sustains him and drives his desire to help others succeed. Steve believes that real success is found in leading others to the blessings that financial freedom provides for families, and walks his faith every day by dedicating his time to teaching activities and mentoring programs.

Steve offers his insight and wisdom for free on his website,, where you can find articles, case studies, success stories and an online forum where you can learn from Steve and other experts around the country. It is Steve’s greatest wish that you are able to use this knowledge to enrich your life and the lives of those around you, and that you in turn find a way to be of service to the world.