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Are you a Lifeonaire?

Many have achieved great wealth, but few with great wealth have achieved great lives.

When our efforts are focused entirely on creating wealth, we often leave little time for enjoying life. Many people have their focal point on earning money so that one day they can live life. At, we teach people how to live life to the fullest NOW, by teaching students how to take control of their time, which IS their life.
Lifeonaire's mission
To teach people how to live life abundantly and enjoy it NOW, instead of waiting until they have earned 'enough' money.
What we do?
Lifeonaire provides coaching, live events and investing courses that teach people how to live more abundantly lives.

About Steve Cook

A successful real estate investor, Steve's deep faith and love of mentoring has called him to a life of teaching others how to improve their lives and secure financial freedom.

Steve is the author of several books and instruction courses that have enriched the lives of thousands as well as his own. He has been blessed with an extraordinary wife, three wonderful children, and a faith that sustains him and drives his desire to help others succeed.

Steve's Work

Work in Guatemala

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16