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Abundant success as a real estate investor led Steve to fulfill a greater mission — helping others to live abundant lives, and to become Lifeonaires.

His true passion is his family which consists of his wife, Micheleen, and 5 children, and he is active in his church. He started a Christian school, and also supports a school in Antigua, Guatemala.

Steve strongly believes in Christ centered education and it shows by what he invests his time and energy into.

Guatemala Project

I found a spot in this world that really tugs at my heart and that is Escuala Integrada in Antigua, Gautemala.

Escuela Integrada aims to provide quality education to impoverished children, who otherwise would not get opportunities to improve their standard of living due to a lack of a true public education system.

Are you a Lifeonaire?

Many people equate living life to the fullest with having more money — they think it will automatically enhance their lives.

At the root of a desire for money is actually the desire for what people think money will give them:

a greater quality of life.

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What does prosperity mean to you? We live in a world where the first thing that comes to most minds is “someone with a lot of money and material possessions.” If asked the question “Is someone who makes $1,000,000 per year prosperous?” the vast majority of people in this country would answer yes. If I changed the number to $50,000, most would say no.

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4 Stages to Financial Prosperity

I have a video and interview that I want to share with you. This interview between myself and Steve Cook contains information that literally changed my entire view on finances.

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Set Yourself Up to Win

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Do You Have Possessions, or Do They Have You?

I was completely awe-struck, I couldn’t believe it. How in the world could he possibly do that?! I was literally moved to tears. Once again, I, a grown man, born in the land of opportunity and affluence, was being humbled and taught by a little boy who had almost nothing.

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