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  • Prosperity Through Simplicity

    What does prosperity mean to you? We live in a world where the first thing that comes to most minds is “someone with a lot of money and material possessions.” If asked the question “Is someone who makes $1,000,000 per year prosperous?” the vast majority of people in this country would answer yes. If I changed the number to $50,000, most would say no.
  • 4 Stages to Financial Prosperity

    I have a video and interview that I want to share with you. This interview between myself and Steve Cook contains information that literally changed my entire view on finances.
  • Set Yourself Up to Win

    Don't invest one cent of your hard earned money until you watch this video...
    Watch now...
  • Do You Have Posessions, or Do They Have You?

    I was completely awe-struck, I couldn’t believe it. How in the world could he possibly do that?! I was literally moved to tears. Once again, I, a grown man, born in the land of opportunity and affluence, was being humbled and taught by a little boy who had almost nothing.

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